Kasanyangan Microfinance Foundation, Inc.

MCLL Highway, Guiwan

Zamboanga City, Philippines

+6362 955 2656

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Our Vision

A trusted partner of low-income households empowered to build sustainable livelihoods and communities in the Philippines.

Our Mission

In partnership with its allied institutions, KMFI will continuously provide responsive and competitive microfinance products and services for the empowerment of its partner-organized communities.

Our Core Values

H – Honesty

O – Oneness

P – Proactive

E – Excellence

Social and Financial Objectives:

Institutional Objectives

  • To synergize the different KMFI institutions that deliver capacity building and enterprise development services.
  • To delight members with proactive products and services
  • To make KMFI a happy and rewarding place to work in.
  • To ensure financial sustainability of KMFI
  • To actively participate in the microfinance industry and NGO-MF’s initiative.
  • To maintain the trust of partner institutions and regulatory agencies

Social Performance Goals

Reaching Our Target Partners

KMFI is committed to reaching out to low-income households, especially women and marginalized sectors.

Meeting Our Partners’ Needs

KMFI is committed to addressing poverty and empowering our Partners through financial and non-financial services that are responsive to their needs.

Changing Our Partners’ Lives

KMFI is committed in serving our Partners and transforming their lives and community into a vibrant and progressive future.

What we've done so far...

The President’s Report

To sum up our annual report, we have recovered from the downfall that started in 2014, and we have a five-year plan from 2019 to 2023 to grow KCCDMFI by 300% in outreach, loan portfolio and revenues by 2023.

We had substantially recovered by 2018 and we are confident we can move forward to a brighter future.

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ComDev Projects Make Strides in KCC Barangays

Luming has helped formulate seven goals for KCCs to be integrated into people’s daily lives. These include livelihood training, entrepreneurial development, decent housing, access to health and social services, education for all, environmental protection, and preservation of arts, culture and sports. After all, Luming concludes, community organizing is a way of life, not a project.

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Computerization: A Journey Towards Digitalization

The computerization of KCCDMFI MIS is an affirmation of one of KCCDMFI’s core values; the value of balance of work and life. With computerization, FCOs have more time for their respective families, and they can home early since recording errors have been minimized and transactions have been automated and computerized.

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