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KCCDFI Building

Zamboanga City, Philippines

+6362 955 2656

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Mon - Fri: 8:00 - 17:30

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21,060 Clients

Most of our clients are coming from Zamboanga City areas. 95% of our clients are women.

Php 190M Portfolio

80% business loan. 15% Agricultural loan and 5% housing repair/improvement loan.

20 Branches

14 branches in Zamboanga City. 2 branches in Zamboanga Del Norte. 3 branches in Zamboanga Sibugay. 1 branch in Marikina

Our Core Values

The heart and soul of KCCDMFI is compassion for the poor. This means having sympathy for the hard life of the poor people; sharing their fears and hopes; and being devoted to alleviating their condition.
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The purpose of KCCDMFI is to serve the poor, predominantly women-headed households, with low levels of formal education and burdened with care for their family. Staff should acquire and put to practice the knowledge, skills and attitudes of social workers in dealing with them as unique individuals with their own life history and capacities.
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We strive to be the best microfinance provider for the poor. We designed most appropriate loan products and services that enables the poor to fully mobilize their household assets for the improvement of their lives. We aim to employ the best and the brightest staff and provide good compensation and benefits. We trained and build up our clients to become good leaders in the community.
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Honesty is the best policy at all levels of the organization. Honesty is being truthful and fair in all dealings within the organization, with clients, stakeholders and government. Honesty begets trust and builds confidence, doing otherwise harms the organization and the poor that we aim to serve.
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Each and everyone in the organization has a role to play and contributes to its success or failure. We achieve our goals by working together as a team. Teamwork makes the dream work.
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News & Events

The President’s Report

To sum up our annual report, we have recovered from the downfall that started in 2014, and we have a five-year plan from 2019 to 2023 to grow KCCDMFI by 300% in outreach, loan portfolio and revenues by 2023.

We had substantially recovered by 2018 and we are confident we can move forward to a brighter future.

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ComDev Projects Make Strides in KCC Barangays

Luming has helped formulate seven goals for KCCs to be integrated into people’s daily lives. These include livelihood training, entrepreneurial development, decent housing, access to health and social services, education for all, environmental protection, and preservation of arts, culture and sports. After all, Luming concludes, community organizing is a way of life, not a project.

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Computerization: A Journey Towards Digitalization

The computerization of KCCDMFI MIS is an affirmation of one of KCCDMFI’s core values; the value of balance of work and life. With computerization, FCOs have more time for their respective families, and they can home early since recording errors have been minimized and transactions have been automated and computerized.

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Clients' Support Services

We enhance our clients' capabilities as business persons through trainings and seminar.

We raise our clients' social awareness to become active citizens through forums and symposia.