Repayable Project Assistant (RPA)

This is a non-collateralized loan product intended for enterprising poor women. The loanable amount ranges from 4,000 to 300,000.

Access to Clean Water Assistance (ACWA)

This loan is intended for old and new clients who want to avail a Pureit water purifier. Loanable amount is 6,000 or equal to the price of the Pureit unit.

Business Development Service (BDS)

BDS provides technical assistance to KCCDMFI clients to help improve, innovate or scale up their respective businesses.

Housing Repair Loan

This is intended for members only with RPA loan. Maximum loanable amount is 10,000.

Social Protection


Bundled in every loan product is the social protection component of the program that is the microinsurance products of Mutual Aid Benefit (MAB), Mutual Benefit Association (MBA), BAP and KapusoKasaliKasalo (KKK).

Community Development (ComDev)

ComDev undertakes community projects and provides community trainings to empower the people in the community and improve community participation in governance.

Educational Loan

This is also intended for members with RPA loan who have children studying in high school or in college. The maximum loanable amount is 10,000.

Burial Assistance Program (BAP)

Financial Assistance


KKK is a damayan system; a mutual-aid program aids to provide financial assistance to members in case of extraordinary events such as grave accidents or sickness and death.