KC Club

is a community association composed of KCCDMFI clients with loan and client without loan.


Purpose, Goals and Objectives

Kasanyangan Community Club (KCC) shall be formed among the center members (of both borrowing and non-borrowing centers) belonging or residing in the same Barangay or Town (In Cities, KCC shall be formed per Barangay however in other places, it will be per town).

The purpose and long-term objective of the Kasanyangan Community Club (KCC) is to build a caring, sharing, nurturing, responsive and action – oriented community in its respective area of coverage where the members live in peaceful and harmonious co-existence in respect and love of God, humanity and country.

The KCC sets its goals and objectives to address the following concerns and issues primarily for the marginalized members of the community in the context of empowerment and self – help processes as follows:

  1. Livelihood/ skills training to augment family incomes.
  2. Business/Entrepreneurs development, innovations and technology transfers.
  3. Decent housing with access to clean water, sanitary toilet, and electricity.
  4. Access to health services, medicines and well being practices.
  5. Education for all school age children/young adults, including elderlies via formal,informal or alternative learning schools.
  6. Ecological and environmental protection and preservation.
  7. Preservation, practice and collaboration in Arts, Culture and Sports.



Municipal Level / Barangay Level:

KCC may be organized at each municipality or Barangay or Cities.  For the initial organizational meeting, the Branch Manager and the Account Officer of the municipality will select thirty (30) to fifty (50) clients of good standing and those who have shown potential leadership abilities for the general assembly ro elect officers.

Subsequent General Assembly representations as to qualifications and number determined by the existing Board/ Officers of local Kasanyangan Community Club upon consultation with KCCDFI Account Officer, Branch Manager, and/ or Area Head.

Elections shall be held every two (2) years.  The elected officers shall also constitute the Board of Directors.  They shall serve for two (2) years or untill their successors are elected.


Operating Systems

Kasanyangan Community Club shall be a self-help, self-supporting and self-sustaining organization.


Project Development, Completion and Sustainable Operations

Each KCC whether town or provincial level shall be in charge of planning, organizing, development, control and monitoring of their projects, activities, in relation to the goals and objectives and purposes of the KCC.

All plans, projects, activities, budget of each KCC shall be prepared and finalized upon due consultations with its members/constituents.

The Board of Advisers composed of KCCDFI Area Managers, Branch Managers plus concerned Field Credit Officer plus some Head Office Officers shall guide and give support to the Kasanyangan Community Clubs in all of the latter’s plans, programs and activities.


Continuing and Sustainable Development, Education, Networking, Coordination, Targeting of the Marginalized Members/Constituents and Consequences.

The KCC shall endeavor to be the Central Communityship Institution in its area of operations.  It shall hold itself as the Core Group or Convergence Zone of all activities, plans, programs affecting the Town/Province in relation to the Goals, Objectives and Purposes of the KCC.

KCC need not involved in actual implementation of some town/provincial projects and activities but it should be involved in information dissemination, monitoring, evaluation and database maintenance.

KCC shall be apolitical and any officer who vies for a publicly elected officer shall be considered resigned upon filing of his/her candidacy.

KCC shall respect diversity among its members/constituencies.  It shall serve those concerned regardless of creed, religion, race, gender, etc.